“You should be very proud of this product. I’m sure you have made keeping an aquarium a lot easier for a lot of people. Not often these days does a product perform as advertised, its nice when one (like your nitrate remover) does. thanks again” – Matt

Removes Nitrates 100%! Works in Fresh OR Salt Water! Greatly Reduce Water Changes!

“Thanks for your Help, and thanks for making my life easier. You have no idea the burden the your product has taken away for me. I have friends that are now interested in your products now for their Aquariums.” – Lenny

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“Thank you for your time and assistance. I just ordered a second Aquaripure filter. I have enjoyed your filter and it has kept my water chemistry within parameters for years now.” – Mike

Plug and Play, everything needed in included! Pre-seeded for fast cycling! Easy to use and operate!

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“I am 100% satisfied with your nitrate remover. Within a couple of weeks after setup my aquarium nitrates have dropped to virtually zero and remained there.. I’ll never be without one.” – Chris

-A Permanent Solution, NOT a temporary one!

Click on a video to play. Great for Fresh and Saltwater aquariums big and small.

Jeremy wrote, “My tank is 120 gallons where I have african cichlids in it. My nitrates level has never been so low (close to nothing) in my tank and my water has never been that clear. Here is a video of my tank. Feel free to use it to promote Aquaripure.” Thanks Jeremy!

 Nitrate Remover
Actual Aquariums using an Aquaripure Nitrate Remover

“Thank you very much! It is appreciated! You have a very fine product and the after sale assistance is first rate. I consistently talk up your product. I may have mentioned before that I recommended your product … I will continue to talk up Aquaripure!” Russ

To see other pictures sent by customers of their aquariums that use an Aquaripure Nitrate Remover click here.

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“I like your filter a lot and I would be happy to recommend this filter to others. Appreciate you quick responses.” – Wasim

More Aquaripure Nitrate Remover Testimonials

“Hi, I just wanted to say that I have been using the denitrator on my jbj 28 gallon nano reef tank for a little over a year now and my nitrates have never been over 0 ppm since the unit cycled. I am enclosing a picture of the tank and have to say the results are amazing… Thanks for solving the nitrate problem once and for all.” – John Bitsko

“I have purchased three filters from your company … I wanted to write this brief note in thanks for such a great product. I have found that your product is just what you say it is. I was skeptical at first like anyone can be with any purchase. But the results have prompted me to write to you, to let you know what a fine product you have made. And what you say of the quality of it’s parts, is also on the money. I want you to know that I will be passing on the information to anyone interested with a high recommendation. Thank you.”Angel Luis

“Thank you for your help … its companies like yours that makes me feel good that I bought a American Product when the Vendor takes care of things.” – Jeff

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“This is a Wonderful product …The abundance of small fishlike copepods that roam the tank at night is Truly Amazing, what an explosion of life! I keep directing my friends to your website. Very Satisfied customer,” – Kevin

“I appreciate all that you do for me. Thanks!” – Arthur

“I am 100% satisfied with your nitrate remover. Within a couple of weeks after setup my aquarium nitrates have dropped to virtually zero and remained there.. I’ll never be without one.”Chris

“The filter has been installed for 3+ weeks now. I decided to purchase your filter despite initial skepticism after seeing several critical YouTube reviews. I doubted your zero nitrate claim and figured the best I could hope for was to have the nitrates stabilize at manageable levels. Prior to the Aquaripure I was combating weekly 80ppm nitrate levels with 50% water changes. Starting with a relatively clean tank after week one of using the Aquaripure the nitrates were reduced to 20-40 ppm so I decided to not do a water change and see what would happen. After week two, nitrates where reduced to 20 ppm which is what I anticipated was the best I could expect. I tested the water again today and was shocked to have a ZERO nitrate reading.” – Tom

“Thank you very much! It is appreciated! You have a very fine product and the after sale assistance is first rate. I consistently talk up your product. I may have mentioned before that I recommended your product … I will continue to talk up Aquaripure!” – Russ

“I have had an Aquaripure for a few years now, really great denitrator, have had 0 nitrates since about a month after installation …” – Rick

“I ordered my medium filter on October 25, 2009 and I absolutely LOVE it! It has totally changed the look and feel of my 105 gallon tank, removing my red algae problems and reducing the frequency of water changes, just as your website claims …” – Jo Anne

“I recently bought a small Aquaripure nitrate remover from you, and to my amazement after two weeks was recording 0 nitrates in a goldie tank.” – Damien

I am one of your customers that absolutely loves your denitrator system, I currently have a large(purchased two years ago) on my 120 gallon Discus/community tank. I’m looking to purchase an additional unit for a new setup I’m currently putting together, It’s a freshwater 55 gallon that will be moderately stocked with Rams and Cory Cats. I need some advice on picking the right size unit for my application. By the way one of my coworkers recently purchased two units from you after I showed him my setup and raved about your product, then I told him I would never setup a large tank without one of these units.” – Tony

“Hi, I purchased the Small Aquaripure and have had it running for a little over 4 months and it has kept my aquarium nitrates at zero … thanks very much” – John

“I have been using your nitrate remover filters on all my tanks ranging from twenty up to fifty gallons and have never had nitrates in any of them. The fish and invertebrates do great, the fish spawn readily in them, I have anemones splitting on a regular basis and the minimum number of water changes needed have saved me a bundle! Thank you.” – Sue

The Aquaripure denitrator I purchased from you last year has now been operational for just over a year and … it now works a treat, doing the thing it does best reducing nitrates in my 200 gallon system down to 0.2ppm. I’m extremely pleased with your product.” – Vince

Aquaripure Nitrate Remover Filters
Aquaripure Nitrate Remover Filters

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“I love your nitrate remover because it is easy to use and it works. Most peoples issue is the price! I have no problem with the price as long it works. In the long run it you save $ … ” – Ric

“Your denitrator has more than paid for itself in supplies for bi-monthly water changes and in the time it saves me, because I have always done all the work on that aquarium myself” – Rick

“Ronny here from Sydney Australia. Three months ago I purchase large Aquaripure denitrator, and now I am telling the truth your Aquaripure save my livestock, I am very pleased and thankful that I make the right decision to use Aquaripure nitrate remover. Recommended to all. I am looking forward to buy another one. thank you.” – Ronny

“Hi, you said that tests would be zero but was suspect. Just done a test. Nitrate in aquarium is ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AFTER MANY TESTS/FILTERS was about to give up!!!!! …. for all who have doubts about this product TAKE THE CHANCE!!!! I was so close to dismissing this filter BUT now will stake my name on it! You should see the difference in my fish/aquarium!!! All I can say now is THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRODUCT!!!” – Gary

“Your nitrate remover is fantastic!!! The only regret I have about it is that I didn’t order another one at the same time! I have 2 tanks and wanted to see if it actually worked before getting 2 of them. It took exactly 8 weeks and in the last couple of days all the green algae has disappeared and nitrates are undetectable. I must have another one. And thank you for helping me when I emailed you, much appreciated!” – Tony

“After installing the Aquaripure nitrate remover into my 180 gal. reef tank, the nitrate in aquarium is down from 20 ppm to Zero for just 2 1/2 weeks of running it. I can’t believe that this really works. Now I am really sure that I didn’t waste any money for buying it and confident enough to know that I am doing something right for my tank… It is really a great product.” – Jelovac

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“All the changes to the denitrator I like better … And I really like the new control valve on it to control the outflow. The last one had a lot of turning whereas this one is a simple 90 degree turn either way …I really appreciate all your help and astonishing customer service. I have told many people about your product, so hopefully they will order their own. I will keep in touch with you in a few months like you said. Thanks again” – Lance (Lance purchased the new design after owning the older model for years)

“We have used your denitrator for 9 months and it’s been a great asset– started up and cycled in three weeks without a hitch.” – Erica and John

“This will be my second Aquaripure nitrate remover … I installed (the first) on a 125 gallon reef tank where it has continued to purr along for years … My nitrate in aquarium went from 10ppm to 0ppm in about 2-3 weeks and have remained undetectable since that time … everything is healthy and happy … You build a fine, effective device that is simplicity itself to set up and maintain. Anybody who wants to haul water can go right ahead. I’ll enjoy life watching my Aquaripure go drip-drip-drip.” –Maxwell

“Hi Again, I’ve been using your denitrator for years, and love it.” – Doug

“Wow! … it’s way better than doing water changes … Thanks!” – Rick

“Thank very much for your nitrate remover I have two tanks 110 & 130 and the bucket deal is too old fashion for me … THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR NO MORE BACKACHES” – Michael

“Looks like the denitrator is working after only three weeks of set up! Nitrates in aquarium have gone from 10-15ppm to barely a trace 0-5 ppm.” – Jaime

“Thank you so much — by the way — I love this thing! thanks again.” – Jerry

“I am amazed at your product and would recommend it to everyone!!!” – Deni

“This would be our third nitrate remover. I would say I definitely notice a difference. In our older 125 reef aquarium, we could not seem to get the nitrate in aquarium below 15-20. We tried a new skimmer, less feeding, weekly water changes, and even mangroves and got very small results. After about 3-4 weeks from the time we got the denitrator, we were at ~0. … The colors on our aquarium coral have improved vastly, especially the Zoo’s. We had some I had forgotten weren’t brown, but now they are bright blue and others bright green.” – Alex

“I bought your small nitrate remover for a 30 gallon last year in august, and its done a good job.” – Fritz

“My nitrates dropped to zero in about a month … I’m pleased with the denitrator.”- Lou

“It appears to be working well nitrate in aquarium have dropped from 100ppm to 20ppm in approx 5 weeks” – Brian

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“I got in to African cichlids about 2 years ago. My nitrates will climb 10 ppm/day. Yes, you read that right, without intervention of some type, I needed 2 to 3 water changes (of about 80%) every week. This hobby that I love quickly became unmanageable. I have 2 of the large denitrators. My situation is a challenging one, but the Aquaripure denitrators do the job. My nitrates stay stable at < 10ppm. My fish have never looked healthier. Straight up; Aquaripure has allowed me to remain in this hobby. Thanks!” – Julie

“Seems to be working already after only 7 days of being setup.” – Tom

“I purchased your denitrator (large) approximately 3 years ago, it cycled in about 6 weeks and has worked fantastic” – Merle

“One other thing I forgot to mention is that I like the ease of set up. They really are plug and play. You just turn em on and drop the hoses in the water and go. Very handy.” – Alex

“The nitrate remover has worked flawlessly for just over 2yrs” – Matthew

“Just wanted to let you know that your denitrator works great. In just 10 1/2 weeks my nitrate in aquarium dropped to zero. Thanks for great product.” – Michael

“As promised i said I would contact you about this denitrator, As the weeks have passed and my tank has been cycled I noticed something. I have very little if any nitrates in my tank. I remember cycling my tanks years ago and always notice a high level of nitrates as soon as my tank cycled. Only had your product for 4 weeks and noticed the improved water quality. My danios, guppies and tetras in my 55gal. couldn’t be happier, the only ones mad are my friends. They wondering what I’m doing right. I told them to go with aquaripure’s denitrator, it’s probably the most affective means of removing nitrate in aquarium … Thanks everyone your product really works. First skeptical now I’m convinced.” – Nancy

“About three months ago I purchase a X- Large denitrator it is working fine and doing every thing it is suppose to.” – Frank “Thank you very much. I will certainly say that I have had a lot less trouble with my tanks since adding your systems, and would be glad to write a letter of testimonial for your website.” – Jim

“In the past couple of days I noticed a difference in my fish. They just seemed to be healthier & more lively than usual. This morning I took a shot & tested the nitrates & to my surprise they’re at zero!! I only started the denitrator on 8/31 so it only took 4 weeks. I can’t believe how fast it worked. And although it makes perfect sense I never even thought about how it would positively effect my fish.” – Ann Marie


“Took my nitrate in aquarium from over 20ppm to 5ppm. I have had it running about 6 six weeks.” – Chris

“I just bought another one from you on ebay for my other tank. Thanks for the great nitrate remover.” – Tom

“Thank you for you patience and understanding and excellent customer service! it is refreshing to know that there are some businesses like you on the internet that truly honor their word. i think your business is going to continue to be successful because of that. Anyways, thanks again and God Bless.” – Lucius

“you have the best customer service I have ever seen in the aquarium trade. You sure go the extra mile to explain everything related to the Aquaripure denitrator. All is well with the one I have.” – Arturo

“I’ll refer your company to other aquarium enthusiasts, it has been a pleasure working with you I really mean that, you’re a good person thank you sir.” – Keith

“I bought your medium denitrator in (I believe) January of this year and it has worked GREAT!” – Eli

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“my denitrator cycled very fast and brought my nitrate down to zero within about ten days.” – Kristen

“I am very pleased with my aquaripure nitrate remover. I have recommended them to a few people” – Jennifer

“Your nitrate remover is fantastic! … all the green algae has disappeared and the nitrates are undetectable.” – Tom

“The Aquaripure is a hummer compared to the aquamedic.. Yours is a superior nitrate remover.” – Luis

“Is it possible that the Aquaripure denitrator is working already my nitrate in aquarium are at 0 and i set it up Thursday!!!” – Michelle

“Thank you. As I said this is a great nitrate remover.” – Larry

“I must say thanks for a nitrate remover that actually accomplishes what it claims.” – Jason

“Just wanted to let you know that I took a nitrate in aquarium measurement tonight, and it barely even registered. For less than four weeks from install of the nitrate remover, and with only one feeding of Stoli, this is awesome … Previously, I was having to do 5 gallon changes every week in my little 29 just to keep nitrates below 40 in a lightly-stocked setup.” –Dan

“I just checked it yesterday and the nitrates were 0 comin outta the unit. so that was 10 times faster than the first nitrate remover i had” – Cyrus

“I have the X-Large Denitrator that has worked great for me for about a year.” – Jen

“Just a word of thanks. After just 3 weeks of using your large denitrator on my 180 gal salt water reef tank, my nitrate level is almost undectable. Previously I would change 30 gal of water per week and still have nitrate levels of 20-30 ppm. This is a heavily stocked reef with lots of fish, inverts and coral. This the best denitrator I’ve tried to date! Thank You” – Lawrence

“I love the nitrate remover.. Nitrate in aquarium is ZERO. I have had nitrates over 40ppm for 3 years and have tried EVERYTHING, fish would die especially Tangs. Now, everything is thriving.” – J H

“I have been using the Aquaripure nitrate remover for about a year and love it” – David