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Aquaripure has been in business making specialized aquarium nitrate filters since 2003. We have been a leader and a trailblazer in the field of aquarium nitrate reduction. Since 2003 we have made many improvements to both the design and instructions to provide optimal performance, cost effectiveness, and the highest possible customer satisfaction. We currently have 7 models of Aquarium nitrate filters for any aquarium because when it comes to nitrate reduction, one size does NOT fit all!

Aquaripure had already been in business for several years before several other major manufacturers began marketing nitrate filters. No other manufacturer has been able to match Aquaripure’s combination of effectiveness, simplicity, reliability, internal surface area (important for effectiveness), and affordability.


Aquaripure’s experience will also be reflected in our customer service. With many years of experience there is virtually nothing that we have not encountered before and we will have the expertise and ability to handle any questions that may arise in depth and on a personal basis.

Aquaripure is very proud to be a part of the slowly changing paradigm or mindset of popular opinion of both aquarium owners and also those who operate water treatment plants. The same basic biological process which can keep your tank crystal clear can also be used to process waste water and help us conserve our precious water resources. Every year more and more people are realizing that this is in fact a better “mousetrap” and that the future of utilizing bacteria, our invisible friends who will work tirelessly to clean our water, has tremendous untapped potential.

Being an Aquaripure owner means more than just having a clean, trouble free aquarium. It means actively participating in and being an early adopter of a technology which will only become more important and even essential for our future.

Thank you for visiting the Aquaripure website.  Regardless of whether or not you ever become an Aquaripure customer I hope you find it enjoyable and useful and wish you great success in your hobby.  Please take your time, and feel free to Contact Me at any time.

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John Strawn, Proprietor

Aquaripure LLC

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