Comparison Chart

“After installing the Aquaripure nitrate remover, the nitrate in my aquarium is down to Zero. I can’t believe that this really works. Now I am really sure that I didn’t waste any money for buying it and confident enough to know that I am doing something right for my tank… It is really a great product.” – Jelovac

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Water ChangesBio-BallsNitrate MediaSulfur denitratorCoil/DIY denitratorsRefugiumAZ/NO3 or dosingDeep Sand BedAquaripure
Eliminates Nitrates completely?NoNohighly unlikelyYeshighly unlikelyhighly unlikelyunlikelyNoYes
Need to change media?N/ANoYesYesNoNoN/ANoNo
Annual CostUp to $1+ per gallon plus time costs… up to thousands of $ a yearCost of water changes, up to thousands of dollars per yearBetween $40-$100+ per year to replace media plus water changesBetween $40-$100+ per year to replace mediaCost of frequent additional water changesCost of lighting/ Cost of additional water changes$200+ per year for product Cost of frequent additional water changes$10 a year for nutrient plus a few water changes
Still requires frequent water changesYesYesProbableNoProbableProbableProbableYesNo
Other NotesExtremely Time consumingActually Creates NitratesLimited effectiveness, needs to be used in conjunction with other methods.Effluent is acid and creates a huge amount of sulfatesPoor and ineffective design.   Limited effectivenessRequires a LOT of space and electricity.  Needs a lot of time to maintain.Creates an uncontrolled and potentially dangerous reactionVery limited effectiveness, needs to be used in conjunction with other methods.And the winner is …