Nutrient Injection

“The Aquaripure denitrator I purchased from you last year has now been operational for just over a year and … it now works a treat, doing the thing it does best reducing nitrates in my 200 gallon system down to 0.2ppm. I’m extremely pleased with your product.” – Vince

This web page provides additional information on feeding the Aquaripure nutrient. 

Many of the better models of nitrate filters available require that you feed the filter expensive additives of one sort or the other.  In a “sulfur” nitrate filter, the sulfur itself is considered the nutrient for the bacteria.  The effluent is highly acidic and must be buffered.  The resulting effluent is very hard and also high in sulfates.  The costly sulfur and buffer media must be also replaced.  With the Aquaripure Nitrate Removal Filter, you can obtain all of the benefits of these systems without the drawbacks and the extra expense.  Best of all it only costs pennies and takes seconds of your time! 

Why would you feed the Aquaripure?

The bacteria inside the Aquaripure cannot live on nitrates alone.  There also needs to be some other organics available.  The Mini does not require nutrient injection because I find that it can handle 5-7 small fish without any nutrient injection at all which is what it is designed for.  As the tanks get bigger and there is more variability in tank load and other factors, the nutrient injection helps speed up the cycling process and maintain the larger bacterial colony needed for bigger tanks and fish loads.  Essentially “feeding” the Aquaripure makes it more efficient in a wider variety of conditions.

What do you feed the Aquaripure?

Aquaripure now makes the Aquaripure Carbon Energy Nutrient which combines three separate carbon energy sources (sucrose, acetic acid, and ethanol) that provides a comprehensive energy source for the bacteria.  Alternately, you can also use just ethanol in the form of inexpensive vodka (80-100 proof, 40-50% ethanol).  Simply inject the solution or vodka directly into the feeding tube using the syringe provided.  Do NOT use methanol or any form of denatured or rubbing alcohol.  A very small amount of nutrient will actually be injected directly into the denitrator.  This small amount of nutrient will be used by bacteria in the Aquaripure and will not harm the aquarium in any way.

How do you feed the Aquaripure?

Simply insert the syringe (there is no needle) in the feeding tube and inject the ethanol or sucrose solution into the Aquaripure every 2-7 days.  It’s easy, fun, and takes just seconds!  If you are unable to inject the nutrient as often as recommended, the filter will still work but possibly not at 100% capacity.

Small-      inject 4 ml of nutrient

Medium-   inject 8 ml of nutrient

Large-      inject 15 ml of nutrient


It’s recommended that you inject nutrient about twice a week for the first few months until the Aquaripure is completely cycled and nitrates are under control.  After that most users will maintain satisfactory results only injecting nutrient once a week although some users might need to continue using nutrient twice a week to keep nitrates at zero.  In some challenging aquariums some users have reported success using a two day cycle.  They inject slightly more than half (for example 3, 5, 9 ml in the small, medium, large respectively) of the recommended nutrient every two days and adjust the flow rate when they inject the nutrient.

That’s it!  Just a bottle or two of nutrient or inexpensive vodka will last an Aquaripure about one whole year!  So just a few minutes a week and a few dollars a year is all it takes to keep your aquarium water clean and free of algae and nitrates.