Other Links

Here are some other reference links you may find useful.

New York Janitorial Cleaning Services – Cleaning and Maintaining Your Fish Tank

A web page with a lot of useful links relating to aquarium maintenance.

Aquarium Care Freshwater Tank Basics
A comprehensive site with useful information on freshwater aquariums and animals.

Tropical Fish Forum
Scroll down to the Sponsor’s section see Aquaripure’s own discussion forum. Read questions and answers from actual Aquaripure customers.

The Aquarium Adviser

The EPA Consumer Factsheet
An informative website on contaminates in public water systems.

Popular Freshwater Tropical Fish
A comprehensive guide for first-time aquarists with sample setups.

Tropical Fish Information
Designed for beginners, we have how-to guides, FAQs, articles, fish profiles, forums and more!

The remaining links relate mainly to saltwater tanks.

Aquarium Design
Information for setting up and maintaining a saltwater aquarium. Remember, the Aquaripure can replace a protein skimmer in a new set up.

Marine Aquarium Advice
A website providing marine aquarium advice.