Medium Aquaripure – Low Clearance


Recommended for Aquariums between 55-115 gallons (200-435 Liters)

Removes Nitrates 100%! Works in Fresh OR Salt Water! Greatly Reduce Water Changes! Plug and Play, everything needed in included! Pre-seeded for fast cycling! Easy to use and operate! A permanent solution, NOT a temporary one!

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An Aquaripure Nitrate Filter will greatly reduce the need for water changes in your fish tanks, saving you time, money, and reducing the stress on your aquarium fish.

Using the Medium Aquaripure will be the equivalent of up to a 50 gallon weekly water change. The Aquaripure filter is a comprehensive biological filter which will completely process all organic matter and remove all nitrates in an Aquarium. These filters are known as a nitrate filter, nitrate reactor, denitrator, biodenitrator or nitrate removal filter. Other biological filters only convert organic matter into nitrates which then accumulate in the aquarium, physical filters only remove larger particulate matter, and skimmers do not remove any nitrates. The Aquaripure uses beneficial bacteria to break down invisible organic matter and nitrates completely into Nitrogen gas which then escapes into the atmosphere. This same process is even used by some water treatment plants to make wastewater safe for human consumption and to clean polluted water. The Aquaripure does this in an extremely safe and controlled environment and after the water from the Aquaripure is aerated there is nothing left but pure, clean, crystal clear water.

Includes pump, tubing, feeding syringe, and manual.

The LOW CLEARANCE Medium Aquaripure only requires 15″ of clearance vs 25″ for the normal Medium Aquaripure.

Click Here for the Medium Manual

Dimensions: 17.25″ x 7.25″ x 14.5″ Shipping weight: 17 pounds

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Weight17 lbs
Dimensions9 × 18 × 20 in

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